Our finest silver

Silver has always held a special fascination. Already in ancient times, silver was used for the production of jewelry, coins and tableware. Thus, silverware already served the aristocracy in ancient Rome for representation and testified to the exquisite taste and the special claim of its owner. For our cutlery we use only the finest silver and the highest quality silver plating.

Wellner 180g silver plating

The quality and value of silver-plated cutlery is largely determined by the amount of pure silver with which it is finely plated. However, the 90g to 150g of fine silver usually used for a 24-piece cutlery set does not meet our high quality standards. Following our quality-oriented tradition, we use 180g fine silver for silver plating and thus deliver exceptional cutlery masterpieces that are unparalleled in quality and durability. With this particularly high-quality silver plating, future generations will still enjoy the special shine and fineness of cutlery from the Wellner manufactory.

Wellner 925 Sterling Silver

Wellner Sterling Silver

The highest quality and noblest cutlery of our manufactory is made of sterling silver. Like gold, silver in its pure form is a soft and very malleable precious metal. It is only through the fusion with other metals, the so-called alloy, that silver acquires additional hardness and is suitable for further processing as table cutlery. Sterling silver is the name given to a special silver alloy whose silver fineness is 925/1000. The high silver content of 92.5 percent means that sterling silver is characterized by a very bright shine and a special radiance. The term sterling silver is derived from the British currency, the pound sterling, whose coins, the silver pennies, were made from this high-quality silver alloy. The term “sterling” thus describes today, as it did then, the particularly high and consistent quality of the silver used.